Hands Holding Plant
Growthfrom pain to perspective


The Center of the Self is sacred space. 
Enter with awe.  Leave with healing.

Life is hard and it hurts.  Every path has its share of joy and sorrow, though not always in a proportion that feels fair.  Sometimes pain can take a toll that makes life hardly worth living. 

Loss of loved ones, broken dreams, shipwrecked relationships, or a stream of tragic choices can force any of us to surrender the original wonder of childhood:  the memory of when summer seemed forever, and adventure beckoned us into the world.
Finding our way when we have lost heart is far darker than enduring a few bad days.  Friends can lend support, and medication can help improve mood.  But even those may not be enough to let in the light.

It often takes telling our story, feeling deeply understood, and seeing with wiser eyes to begin a better way of being.  Choosing life calls forth its own special courage to embrace each day.  Remembering what is most important becomes the one compass we can count on.  Meaning helps make sense of seemingly senseless suffering.  And purpose puts us back on track to realizing who we are built to be.  
My role is to listen.  To be present in a way that helps healing to happen.  To walk alongside, not in front or behind.  To hear what your years here have shown you.  Sometimes to laugh in surprise or cry in compassion.  To appreciate the person you have been, are now, and are on the way to becoming.  To say what I see.  And to help find the lines that lead home.