Hands Holding Plant
Growthfrom pain to perspective

A Prayer for Peace


Creator of All, Creator within,
Hear my heart,
In kinship with Hawk and Tasunke Witko,
In the First Light of I Am;

Mother Earth, Father Sky,
Four Winds of the Spirit, Breath of Life;

Breathe in us counsciousness of creation,
Compassion, courage, and connection to all our relations:
The ancestors, elders, elementals,
And generations to come;
Those who crawl, swim, run, or fly;
The plants and trees reaching for the light;
Water, wind, soil, and stone;
Blood of our brothers, sisters, and mothers,
Fathers to these bones.

Have pity on us, Grandfather,
As we call across the ages to the ancient Song of Dawn,
To send forth upon our planet
A new light to see, a spirit to hear,
And hearts to hold each other's souls in peace;
That we might once again walk as one,
In wonder with your world, Sunbeams of your Sun.

In the Creator's many names,
All my relations.